The Sleeping Warrior


Published by Urbane Publications

Available from AMAZON and all major bookshops

LONDON solicitor Libby Butler’s life is in a self-inflicted mess. Her affair with her boss is going nowhere as is her position in the prestigious city law firm where she works. A narrow escape from the knife of south London’s elusive serial murderer, The Vampire Killer, has challenged her outward bravado and left her nerves and personal life in tatters.

When duty calls Libby to a metropolitan police station in the middle of the night, she meets the enigmatic Gabriel Radley. Dressed like an ancient warrior in studded leather armour, Gabriel has a habit of disappearing from police custody and danger appears to dog him.

Gabriel is searching for a ‘stone’ he has lost, its value ‘beyond human imagination’, that will help bring a ‘monster’ to justice. When Libby agrees to help him, she unwittingly plunges her life into a series of disasters and neither she nor any of her friends are safe.

A cult who call themselves The Awakened, a gangland thug and his henchman, a female assassin, a detective chief inspector from Scotland Yard, and even the serial killer, all become inadvertently embroiled in the chase for the stone and the pivotal force of Gabriel.

As the death toll rises, Libby is forced to face herself, learn the true value of life and the potent significance of the Sleeping Warrior within.


Sara Bain’s writing style is simply brilliant. The dialogue she creates and her humour are absolutely addictive. Each character in this novel has an entirely unique voice and the way she combines the mundane (in terms of language) with the fantastic (in terms of events) had me rattling through this novel at a rate of knots.
Goodreads and Amazon book reviewer Lucy Catten

Bain demonstrates a talent for characterization that is easy to relate to, despite the fantasy element. Amidst the whimsical and imaginative world of cults and the suggestion of higher powers, the core of The Sleeping Warrior is discovering and making peace with oneself. This element made the book remarkable in its own right.
Danielle Pinzon for

Fantastic book, mixing genres brilliantly, highly recommended!
This book had its hooks in me from the very first page. I knew I was stumbling into something really good. With fantastic writing skills, a brilliant and interesting plot, a constant pace and exceptionally funny bits of humour woven in, this book just had it all for me. Sheer gluttony, sheer entertainment, sheer escapism.
Goodreads and Amazon Book reviewer Maxine (BookLover CatLady) 

Very highly recommended
I absolutely adored Libby. She is the funniest, bravest, most original heroine I have had the pleasure of getting to know in a very long time.
Goodreads and Amazon Book reviewer Renita


A cracker!
This is an intriguing blend of crime and urban fantasy with a sassy heroine you’d want on your side in a fight. Atmospheric and captivating.

Breathtaking Debut
Sara Bain’s debut novel for Ivy Moon press is an exciting compilation of modernity and fantasy. Complex strands of theme and plot are woven together.

Angelic Gabriel and the lovely Libby
I would love to have Libby Butler as a friend. Brainy, bright and vivacious, without being a slave to fashion and conformity, her character leaps from the pages.

Intriguing, genre-defying crime and fantasy
The Sleeping Warrior is a thought-provoking, humorous, and intriguing debut novel from an accomplished writer.

How to mix genres successfully
Ms Bain has been bold in defying the received wisdom of staying within prescribed boundaries and as a result has produced a highly readable, very enjoyable and distinctly original work.

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