The Ghost Tree

9781910692240THE GHOST TREE

Published by: Urbane Publications

Publication date: 2015

Five years after the death of his wife, MacAoidh Armstrong moves into a smallholding in southern Scotland with the intention of living a self-sufficient existence. Although he’s heard the steading has a reputation for being haunted, the pragmatic Highlander does not believe in ghosts.

In 1695, a farmhouse on the steading, then called The Ringcroft of Stocking, was reportedly haunted by a violent poltergeist which took two weeks and a good few clergy to exorcise. The minister leading the exorcism published his experiences of the haunting that year. The account was witnessed by fifteen members of the clergy and community and is widely known as the Mackie or Rerrick Parish Poltergeist.

On a hill by the steading stands The Ghost Tree: all that remains of the former Ringcroft of Stocking. There were three of them in living memory but only one still stands. Local legend says, when the last of the Ghost Trees dies, the Rerrick Parish Poltergeist will return. The Ghost Tree is dying and, just days after MacAoidh moves in, he is forced to contend with a number of strange occurrences, beginning with an unexplained fire in a bedroom.

There follows a series of bizarre and terrifying occurrences at The Ring which defy all logical and scientific explanation and which compel MacAoidh to find the reasons for this bizarre phenomena and why a 17th century poltergeist is trying to kill him.

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  1. This is a wonderful book, had me hooked on the first page, believable characters , the story grabs you straight away and I cant put it down .


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