September date for Ban Sith


9781911129363It’s been a long time coming, and I’ve missed a good few deadlines, but the Ban Sith (The Banshee) is on track for a September 2017 release.

My very patient and understanding publisher at Urbane Publications has resisted the urge to strangle me and, through gritted teeth, has agreed to receive the manuscript at the end of May.

Here’s the blurb:

After the traumatic events of the Rerrick Parish Poltergeist, solicitor Libby Butler is living a less than idyllic life in Sutherland, unable to find peace from her past. A terrifying event rekindles her gift (or curse) of seeing death in a person before their demise and plunges her into danger.
All too soon she is fulfilling the role of an ancient family destiny and investigating the legend of the Highland Ban Sith (or banshee), a female spirit who can be seen and heard howling by the person who is going to die…

Ban Sith is the third book in the Libby Butler trilogy.

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