The Sleeping Warrior counts down on Kindle this weekend


TSW_CoverSince it’s only a matter of weeks to the launch of The Ghost Tree, I’ve put The Sleeping Warrior on Kindle Countdown for the weekend between 18 and  21 September (that’s this coming weekend).

I don’t know why, but readers in the UK will be able to buy it at 99p while across the Pond it’s only 99c. Apologies to UK readers for the inexplicable price hike, but that’s the way Amazon works for some reason.

In effect, that means anyone can buy The Sleeping Warrior for said discounted price for a limited time (from 8am on the Friday to 8am Monday). After Monday morning, and I believe that’s GMT, the price will return to £1.99 and $2.99 respectively.

You can’t get a decent packet of sweeties for 99p/c, so I hope some of you readers out there will take up the offer and try out the novel.

It’s had some fabulous reviews so, hopefully, will be worth the pennies/cents to you.

Should you buy it, read it and actually enjoy it, please would you also leave a review on Amazon. Reviews are so important to authors, even bad ones are better than none at all.

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